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Dogsledding, Canoeing, fishing, chill out and more !

 Do the difficult things while they are easy and do the great things while they are small. A journey of a thousands miles must begin with a single step.

Lao Tzu

Prices: adults nok 200,-, children 100,-

Visit the kennel

Learn how to interact with a pack of 35 dogs, most of them are coming from shelters. We have different breeds like Alaskan husky, Malamute, Sibérian huskies, Greenlanddogs, Border Collie and some more! They all love people and looking forward to receive some cuddles. We answer questions and let you know how things work on a kennel with with 35 dogs. 
We would like you to book in advance by email to; info

Prices: adults nok 900,-, children less than 13 years nok 400.-

Tour on wheels

During summer we use a sled on wheels. Dogs need training in summer to ! We meet late afternoon or early evening to make sure temperature is not to warm for the dogs. We will travel through idyllic forest paths and rivers. Road description will be given beforehand.
We would like you to book in advance by email to; info

Prices: 1 day (we will pickup 3 of these themes) adult nok 1200.- / children nok 800.- 2 days: adult nok 2000.- / children nok 1200.-

Wilderness course

You want to develop wilderness skills and a nature connected mindset
Courses are designed to cover at least these basics: 
Survival mindset
Campsite selection 
Shelter construction
Fire construction
Water location and purification
Basic edible & medicinal plants


The tour is in the quiet Norwegian nature, away from traffic and people. You will discover a beautiful lake with a lot of heritage of viking age. Possibilities for fishing

Prices: 1 day adult nok 600.- / children nok 400.- (incl. canoe rent)
Prices: 6 days adult nok 11000.- / children nok 6000.-

Multiple activities

Mix up all the activities and stay here for one week !

Full pension and double room 

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