Dogsledding, icefishing, snow-showing, chill out and more !

1/2 day Forest tour

Amazing experience with sleddogs in the norwegian wilderness. Each person will have 3 to 5 alaska huskies
Price  1200.- nok per adult / 800.- per child

1 day Mountain Tour

The best option if you want to spend a day with the doggies. Each person will drive a sled with 4 to 6 alaska huskies.
Price  2500.- nok 

3 days discovery

A good combo with dogsledding, rest in the sauna, eat norwegian meal and discover norwegian nature. 
Price 9000.- nok / 5000.- nok per child

6 days all in one

Do you love dogs and want to discover all about a life with sleddogs ? This week is made for you! A lot of time on the sled, in the dogyard, in the sauna, snowshowing, is fishing, discovering nature, norwegian culture and traditions. 
Price 17500.- nok / 9000 nok per child 

Kennel visit 

Learn how to interact with a pack of 35 dogs, most of them are coming from shelters. We have different breeds like Alaskan husky, Malamute, Sibérian huskies, Greenlanddogs, Border Collie and some more! They all love people and looking forward to receive some cuddles. We answer questions and let you know how things work on a kennel with with 35 dogs. 
We would like you to book in advance by email to; info

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