Une immersion dans le monde des chiens de traineaux 


Day 1
Welcome in Tylldalen ! My house is in the middle of the forest and you will have your own room in the cozy guest house (with electricity, warm water, wifi, etc). Then I will introduce you to the pack of 40 sleddogs, most of them are rescued from dogshelter. You can choose your favorite dog for the hiking. We will drive 15km through the mountain for our first hiking tour. You will discover the forest, mountain lakes and the view over the treeline. The dog will help you progressing during the hike. I will prepare the diner on the fire in the traditional hut. During evening, we are going back home. Days are veryyy long in juni-july-august !

Day 2

Depending on the weather, we will choose the best place to go by canoe, either on the river or on the lake. You will learn how to ride a canoe and then we will paddle with the rhythm of the water. For those who wish, it will be possible to learn how to fish, and perhaps bring back the lunch ! During the lunch break, we will stop settle down a little camp and eat lunch, probably on a camp fire. In the afternoon we will return to the starting point. At the end of the day it will be possible to test the sauna and swim in the river which is 5 minutes far away. Evening meal taken at the guest house. 

Day 3

During the summer, dogs also need to run. We have sleds with wheels which allow us to find almost the same sensations as in winter. We will have to wake up early to take advantage of the cool temperatures! Discover the joy of dogs when they can go running together. You will be seated on a wheeled sleigh, driven by a guide.

In Norway the weather can change very quickly. Remember to take warm clothes! Alcohol is not offered in our meals, you can take your own bottles for your personal consumption.



6000 nok per adult (environ 600 euros)
4000 nok per child under 15


Children under 6 and pregnant women are not allowed on any of our tours.
People over 100kg only on request.


Up to 6 people per guide


From Day 1 around 3pm to Day 3 1pm


Des questions ou demande de réservation ? Envoyez nous un e-mail !